Why did I chose him?

He is broken just like me. He understands my pain and my heartbreak because he experienced the same things. He is angry about his crappy life...I am also angry about the crap that has happened in my life. He was cheated on...he would never do that to me. I understand his pain, because I can relate to the emptiness. Being with him means I won't have to be alone or with someone I can't trust with my pain or blackness. It means I finally have someone that understands me. I finally have someone that gets how hurt and devestated and broken and lonely I am. Because he feels it too. Being with him means I won't have to suffer anymore...because he won't hurt me like others have. He won't discard me like my exhusband did. He won't do those things because he won't hurt me the way he has been hurt. He will protect me. He believes in God...and believes in treating a woman the way God treats his church. Together we can be the person we have always looked for...that one person that we know will never give up on us...for each other. Together we can take on the world or hide out together...we can protect each other...we can rely on each other...we can support each other. Together we can figure out our issues and fight our demons and show each other what love looks like and feels like. We can hold each other up...we can pick each other up...and be there for one another when the rest of the world could care less about us. 

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