So much for hope...

Here is the text I got yesterday. Can't help but feel like the amazing, laughter filled day we spent together was so I could help him impress someone else. 

"I don't want to lose ur friendship but I have to b honest I met someone from the church I.go to and I don't want to hide her from u n u from her I understand I'd u choose to stop being.friends I just have to b honest"

The response I sent basically said..."You lied to me, because I asked you if 


was someone else. I am

disappointed, and can't express how hurt I am. I need your help with our prior plans...but I don't want to see you,  right now".


His reply..."Maybe we shouldn't see each other ever again u have no right being mad






Ok so I didn't screw this up for us...he did. He has unfriended and blocked me from FB. He admittedly says I am the only woman in his life that has ever been good to him. Sooo why walk away from that after 9 mos?? 

He infuriates me. 





Just when I thought I could steal away a few moments to eat...the first time in two days...what happens?? I'm in a huge city away from home...what are the odds some man would walk into the restaurant wearing his cologne...and sit down next to me. 



I want to scccccrrrrrreeeeeaaaaammmmm!

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